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About us

Napulevola is a virtual airline that gathers people who are fond of flight simulation and civil aviation. Founded in Napoli in 1999, from the desire of sharing the passion for the flight and the air traffic control with other people.

What we do


Napulevola gives support to all people who want to try the emotion of a virtual flight, to learn about the management of air traffic control and the reading of the aeronautical charts and meteorological phenomena. It operates through online training sessions with the contribution of industry experts.

The main software used are:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) 
  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D (P3D) 
  • Laminar Research X-Plane

In addition to this, Napulevola claims to have created a web application able to simulate a real aviation company. This web application manages the fleet and our virtual pilot career, processing information such as flight hours, numbers of flights, and aircraft wear. All data are shown to all customers. Our purpose is aimed at social aggregation, cultural enrichment, and user's enjoyment.


In the late '90s Flights Simulation started spreading in Italy and the early virtual airlines were born. All of us felt the wish of joining in order to share our passion and, thanks to the internet, hundreds of supporters in Campania and Italy as well, gather into this amazing experience.

Nowadays, Napulevola has grown and it has evolved thanks to the social network and online training sessions, promoting the spread of aeronautical culture.

How to join Napulevola

First of all, before starting it's necessary to explain something about flight simulation. As you can imagine, with the word "flight simulation" we are referring to a virtual reality in which it's possible to simulate every aspect of flight.

The flight simulators are appropriate software which reproduce accurately the aircraft's attitude and behavior. They are helpful in professional pilot training and currencing, in aircraft prototypes and flight testing.

Leaving out professional simulators used by real air companies, you can buy a simulator for an affordable price, install it on your personal computer and "fly" between Milano and Napoli, for instance, sitting in your home.

Cheap flight simulators have been selling for several years and, even though some of them were born as videogames, you can upgrade them until reaching a high grade of realism. Some of these softwares are approved by the aviation industry (Boeing, Airbus, etc.)

At this point, to join Napulevola is enough to have a personal computer, a flight simulator, an hardware such as a joystick, sign up with our virtual airline and starting a unique experience.


The subscription to Napulevola is totally free and allows to make use of all our online services: social network, tutorial, aircraft repaints, etc.

If you are a newbie and you would like to start experiencing flight simulation but you don't know how, contact us using our social network channels below:

Don't be surprised if ...

... during a complex approach procedure with your faithful Airbus A320, you will be interrupted because the dinner is ready!

For many of us, this is the only way to unleash our passion.

Blue skies!

Napulevola Staff

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