NPV Fleet Status

 Active Fleet

AircraftRegistrationHours in ServiceCycles
Airbus A320-253N I-NVNA 2512h:20min 1711
Boeing 737-800w I-NVXX 1431h:13min 725
Airbus A320-253N I-NVNB 1383h:01min 971
Airbus A320-214 EI-NAE 1290h:26min 829
Boeing 737-800w I-NVAT 1213h:50min 594
Airbus A320-214 EI-NAF 1069h:40min 720
Airbus A319-111 I-NVSG 1017h:45min 671
Boeing 737-800w I-NVEZ 912h:04min 501
Boeing 737-800w I-NVAM 839h:58min 471
Airbus A320-214 I-NVQG 723h:50min 514
Boeing 737-800w I-NVPO 635h:30min 344
Boeing 777-200LR I-NVPT 610h:29min 140
Boeing 737-700 I-NVNZ 598h:09min 425
Airbus A320-214 EI-NAG 548h:41min 349
Airbus A319-111 EI-NAD 499h:25min 289

 Fleet in Maintenance

AircraftRegistrationHours in ServiceCyclesEnd of Mx
Airbus A330-232 EI-TST6 93h:23min 22 09/03/2024 13:49
Bombardier CRJ-700 I-NVMR 12h:56min 10 06/03/2024 10:06

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