NPV Fleet Status

Aircraft TypeAircraftRegistrationStatusHours in ServiceNumber of CyclesConfiguration
Airbus A320-253N Airbus A320-253N I-NVNA In Servizio 1346h:10min 913180Y
Airbus A320-253N Airbus A320-253N I-NVNB In Servizio 820h:08min 563180Y
Boeing 737-800w Boeing 737-800w I-NVXX In Manutenzione (D Check) fino al 26/10/2022 15:04 760h:27min 401185Y
Boeing 737-800w Boeing 737-800w I-NVEZ In Servizio 750h:31min 408185Y
Boeing 737-800w Boeing 737-800w I-NVAM In Servizio 629h:01min 366185Y
Airbus A319-111 Airbus A319-111 I-NVSG In Servizio 625h:49min 418132Y
Boeing 737-800w Boeing 737-800w I-NVAT In Servizio 592h:54min 326185Y
Boeing 777-200LR Boeing 777-200LR I-NVPT In Servizio 586h:50min 130259Y
Airbus A320-214 Airbus A320-214 I-NVQG In Servizio 555h:17min 408185Y
Airbus A320-214 Airbus A320-214 EI-NAE In Servizio 545h:19min 377185Y
Pilatus PC12 Pilatus PC12 I-NVPI In Servizio 465h:39min 3218Y
Boeing 767-300ER Boeing 767-300ER I-NVUN In Servizio 436h:19min 156230Y
Boeing 737-800w Boeing 737-800w I-NVPO In Servizio 436h:07min 238185Y
Airbus A319-111 Airbus A319-111 EI-NAD In Servizio 401h:14min 234132Y
Boeing 737-700 Boeing 737-700 I-NVNZ In Servizio 359h:29min 272146Y

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