NPV Fleet Status

 Active Fleet

AircraftRegistrationHours in ServiceCycles
Airbus A320-253N I-NVNA 2276h:27min 1564
Airbus A320-253N I-NVNB 1266h:30min 894
Boeing 737-800w I-NVXX 1166h:19min 610
Airbus A320-214 EI-NAE 1068h:51min 701
Boeing 737-800w I-NVAT 1023h:53min 514
Airbus A319-111 I-NVSG 955h:19min 623
Boeing 737-800w I-NVEZ 871h:47min 484
Boeing 737-800w I-NVAM 788h:59min 446
Airbus A320-214 EI-NAF 749h:27min 511
Airbus A320-214 I-NVQG 637h:58min 461
Boeing 777-200LR I-NVPT 608h:58min 139
Boeing 737-700 I-NVNZ 586h:49min 419
Boeing 737-800w I-NVPO 560h:27min 302
Boeing 767-300ER I-NVUN 474h:27min 171
Pilatus PC12 I-NVPI 472h:33min 329

 Fleet in Maintenance

No aircraft in Maintenance at the moment

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