NPV Fleet Status

Aircraft TypeAircraftRegistrationStatusHours in ServiceNumber of CyclesConfiguration
Boeing 737-800w Boeing 737-800w I-NVII In Servizio 2989h:24min 1925185Y
Boeing 737-800w Boeing 737-800w I-NVPS In Servizio 2203h:02min 1463185Y
Boeing 737-800w Boeing 737-800w I-NVIC In Servizio 2179h:09min 1365185Y
Boeing 737-800w Boeing 737-800w I-NVIP In Servizio 1725h:13min 1029185Y
Airbus A319-111 Airbus A319-111 I-NVPN In Servizio 1411h:30min 909132Y
Airbus A320-253N Airbus A320-253N I-NVNA In Manutenzione (A Check) fino al 03/07/2022 10:34 1277h:28min 864180Y
Boeing 777-200LR Boeing 777-200LR I-NVCS In Servizio 1168h:50min 304259Y
Airbus A319-111 Airbus A319-111 EI-NAA In Servizio 962h:21min 571132Y
Airbus A320-214 Airbus A320-214 I-NVPP In Servizio 920h:28min 761185Y
Boeing 737-700 Boeing 737-700 I-NVCO In Servizio 889h:31min 646146Y
Airbus A320-214 Airbus A320-214 I-NVTT In Servizio 859h:32min 632185Y
Airbus A320-214 Airbus A320-214 I-NVDM In Servizio 831h:00min 579185Y
Boeing 737-800w Boeing 737-800w I-NVXX In Servizio 734h:09min 384185Y
Boeing 737-700 Boeing 737-700 I-NVSE In Servizio 725h:32min 438146Y
Boeing 737-800w Boeing 737-800w I-NVEZ In Servizio 723h:05min 391185Y

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