Airbus A320-214 EI-NAG

Airframe Details and Wear

Nome - Pax Configuration 185Y DOM (Dry Operating Mass) 42338 Kg
MTOM (Maximum Take-Off Mass) 78000 Kg MZFM (Maximum Zero Fuel Mass) 61000 Kg MLM (Maximum Landing Mass) 61000 Kg
Cruise TAS 447 Kts Number of Cycles 11 Flight Hours 18h:31min
Airframe Reliability 91 % Engine Reliability 90 % Landing Gear Status 95 %
Electrical Reliability 88 % Hydraulic Reliability 88 % Overall Reliability 88 %

Piloti responsabili del wear

(Numero di voli con vertical speed all'atterraggio maggiore di -400ft/min)

Airframe Flights History

Date Of FlightCaptainDepartureDestinationLanding VSpeedNetwork
27-03-2020NPV2656LIRNLICJ-1204ft/minFree Flight
27-03-2020NPV7422LDSPLIPZ-200ft/minFree Flight
15-03-2020NPV1402HEMALIRN-155ft/minFree Flight
12-03-2020NPV1202LIRNEBBR-122ft/minFree Flight
11-03-2020NPV3448LFLLLICC-319ft/minFree Flight
05-03-2020NPV3448LICCLFLL-223ft/minFree Flight
05-03-2020NPV2656LIEELIRF-158ft/minFree Flight
04-03-2020NPV2656LIEOLIRF-490ft/minFree Flight